Latest News from Arcadia

Latest News from Arcadia

In academic year 2019/20, Aberdeenshire Council – always looking to innovate and lead by example – became one of the first local authorities in Scotland to directly offer Foundation Apprenticeships to pupils in S4-S6.  In the current academic year over 900 pupils embarked on a Foundation Apprenticeship at Level 4/5 or Level 6.

Foundation Apprenticeships consist of two parts: the theoretical knowledge-based National Progression Award which is timetabled and delivered in schools, and a suitable work placement, giving the pupil the opportunity to gain knowledge, build confidence, improve communication skills and develop teamworking. FAs at level 6 are equivalent to a Higher and at level 4/5 are equivalent to a National 4 or 5 award.  In many ways they represent the best of learning, combining both theory and practice.  There is no final exam (with the exception of Accountancy) as continuous assessment takes place throughout the apprenticeship.

As an employer, Aberdeenshire Council directly provides over 220 work placements at present, mainly for pupils studying the Automotive (Level 4); Children & Young People; and Health & Social Care Foundation Apprenticeships (Level 6.) Of course, more placements are always needed and we are really keen to work with colleagues across all Services to help Aberdeenshire’s young people gain a great experience with us an employer.

We’re already looking for placements for academic year 2024/25 so if you’re interested in offering one – particularly for the Accountancy and Business Skills FA frameworks – then we’d really like you to get in touch. We will then help with setting up the placement.

FAs join your team to work and, in return, you’ll benefit from the input of young (16-18 year old), enthusiastic helpers as well as gaining access to future talent – the Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships are a natural progression from the FA.

Initial placements would ideally start in August and run until the end of March 2025, with the pupil spending a minimum of one half day per week working in your team with you at your location.  We know from experience that they can become a key part of teams.

For further information please contact Shona Watts or Fraser Mitchell

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